Free Together, This is the motto that adorns the banners of Mutinerie, and this is the reason for our parisian coworking space to be.

Mutinerie offers independents workers and entrepreneurs a stimulating place to work and an ecosystem to help them being free but not isolated. We invite you to visit us for a free trial day. You’ll soon know if Mutinerie fits your needs.

William Borges
Shabnam Anvar
Solenn Marquette
Marc-Arthur Gauthey
Maxi Mampuya
Matej Kurent
Serena Capozzi
Nathalie De Saint-Denis
Anouk Piazza
Jean-Marc Nourel
James Klein
Stefano Borghi
Emmanuelle Pometan
Julien Musso
Miguel Bocquier
Benjamin Piscart
Alexandre Bourlier
Eric van den Broek
Masha Kosobokova
Lauriane Schaller
Laurent Giacobino
Edwin Mootoosamy
Clémence Sebag
Christophe Tallec
Augustin Riedinger
Benjamin Tincq
Guillaume Ati
Cécile Tostivint
François-Xavier Levy
Charlotte Guislain
Pierrick Chabi
Fabien Grenet
Claude Borgogno
Stanislas Jourdan
Magalie Pedrono
Louis-David Benyayer
Francesco Cingolani
Thibaut Roggeband
Flore Berlingen
Marie Prenat
Anthony Besson
Rafael Klepsch
Camille Delalande
Victoria Wall
Gunther Groenewege
Nacho Cañete
Marie-Julie Chaput